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Let us light up your event with our range of lighting. Standard packages available with tent hire as well as add ons for creating an extra wow or lighting walkways and outdoor spaces.



We have large indirect space heaters which work by ducting warm air into our structures. They are great for keeping the tents nice and toasty warm on cooler nights. We also have fan heaters for our smaller tents.

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Garden Games.

We have a case full of Garden Games consisting of skittles, croquet, sack race, egg and spoon, tug-o-war and limbo. Guaranteed to make your guests have fun.



Barrels have a number of uses, they are great for displaying cakes, cheese or guest books. They can also be used as poseur tables dotted around a garden.

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Make an entrance or guide your guests to the right place with matting walkways. Our durable dandydura® walkways can be hired in 10m lengths.

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We use wooden trestle tables, 6ft by 2ft 6 in size which can seat up to 8 on benches or 6 with chair. Our chairs are wooden folding chairs, perfect if you need to move them to make space.



Fire Bowls.

Fire bowls are great not just for some night time warmth but also for creating atmosphere and bringing people together. You never see one burning away without people watching the flames. For outdoor use only. 

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Chill-out areas.

Add a comfy place for guests to relax and chat or for children to gather. having dedicated zones can really help people settle in and adds great atmosphere to your event. 

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A dedicated bar can really look the part. Whether you have hired help or self serve our vintage or barrel bar provides the perfect place to grab those drinks and get partying. 


tipi alter.

Creating the ceremony that you really want is such an important part of your day. A "naked tipi" alter is a fantastic focal point, great as it is or adourned with flowers.

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