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wedding setup in pole marquee with open side

Pole Marquee Hire.

Looking for an elegant classic style Marquee for your event?

Our Petal Pole Marquees are the perfect structure for a beautiful bank canvas wedding. They provide a wonderful background for your wedding or special event with all your family and friends.

We are based in Bedfordshire and cover the counties of Hertfordshire, Buckinghamshire, Cambridgeshire, Northamptonshire and surrounding areas. Our stunning range of Pole Marquees offer a huge amount of options for your event..

What people say...

"Big thank you to Mark and team for providing our Petal Pole Marquee for our wedding, it was just perfect for our day!"

E&T - 2023

Garden wedding at night with guests outside and Pole Marquee lit up
guests in pole marquee waving napkins above their heads
bride and groom in garden with pole marquee
view over dressed tables ready for wedding guests in a pole marquee
bride entering pole marquee under floral arch
bride and groom talking to guests in pole marquee with tandem bicycle suspended above dressed with sunflowers
pole marquee lit up at night
pole marquee with open side and watering can of flowers in foreground


We are here to answer all your marquee event planning questions to make sure it's a seamless and enjoyable process. We'll guide you through our Pole Marquee sizes, what hire includes, duration and how setup and takedown work. Plus, we provide details on the furniture we offer, making your celebration organisation effortless.

Let's get started...

Pole marquee sizes.

We have five Pole Marquee sizes, so whatever size your wedding, event or special celebration is, we have you covered. 

Petal Pole Marquees.

12x30m (4 POLE Marquee)- The Duchess.

This is our biggest Pole Marquee, perfect for large weddings and events. 

The Duchess is an impressive 12x30m in size, providing a massive 330m2. This Pole Marquee has a maximum seated capacity of 250, though we recommend an optimum of 200, so it is perfect for larger gatherings.

The Duchess is a Petal Pole Marquee and a truly spectacular structure. The "Petal" aspect of our petal pole marquees refers to the beautiful sweeping curve of the roof canvas. Our Petal Pole Marquees all have a picture window on one side so that you can make the most of the view at your chosen venue.

12x24m (3 pole marquee) - The Duke.

Again The Duke Petal Pole Marquee is a very large structure and is perfect for most weddings and events which we serve. The Duke stands at 12x24m footprint, which covers 257m2. This Pole Marquee has a maximum capacity of 200 seated, although we feel that 150 is optimum.

As mentioned the beautiful sweeping arch of the roof canvas design gives these Pole Marquees a touch of elegance compared to many other structures out there. If you are as captivated by them as we are get in touch so we can organise a site visit to measure things out and give no obligation guidance and advice where needed. If you are in early planning stages and haven't settled on a venue or location for your wedding yet, you might find our blog post useful which is about where you can pitch your marquee.

12x18m (2 Pole Marquee) - the Earl.

This medium sized Pole Marquee offers lots of possibilities. The Earl is 12x18m in size, which is approximately 185m2. This gives the space for a maximum capacity of 132 seated, but we think that 120 is optimum for this pole marquee.

The beauty of our Petal Pole Marquees and the variety of sizes allows you to have space for everything you want all under one roof.  

12m (1 Pole Marquee) - the Lady.

The Lady is our smallest Petal Pole Marquee and is absolutely beautiful. Small but perfectly formed with just 1 pole The Lady is a 12m circle, which is approximately 113m2. This gives the space for a maximum capacity of 120 seated, but we think that 100 is optimum for this particular pole marquee.

Perfect for more intimate weddings or significant celebrations, The Lady still boasts the picture window like the larger marquees. This is a real feature and adds to the feeling of bringing the outside in.

Traditional Pole Marquee.

9x4.5m Pole Marquee - The Jasmine.

This Pole Marquee is different in style to our larger Petal Pole Marquees. It is an absolutely fabulous little tent for garden parties or if you need any extra spaces at a larger weddings or events.

Just to note.

It is important to note that with all traditional pole marquees, whatever their style and size, there is the requirement of a guy rope allowance. Don't worry however, this isn't something that you directly need to worry about. We will happily carry out a no obligation site visit to measure up and make sure that the pole marquee you want is right structure for your site or venue.  

Wedding guests congregate outside weding pole marquee

Photographer: Sarah Anderson Photography • Venue: The Lakeside at Wildberry Farm • Structure: The Earl Petal Pole Marquee

What is included in Pole Marquee hire?

We offer site assessments to determine the suitability and optimal positioning for your event location. If you've chosen a venue where we have prior experience, a physical visit might not be necessary, but we're more than willing to meet you there in person to discuss available options.

Our comprehensive services include complete setup, dismantling, and installation of any equipment rented from us.

All our pole marquees are equipped with matting flooring as standard. If you prefer a different ambiance inside, you can opt to remove the matting, potentially reducing costs. However, we advise this only if the site has good grass - this is a purely down to you.

how long is the hire period?

Our standard hire period spans 3-4 days, typically involving setup on Thursday and dismantling on Monday. However, these days can be flexible, depending on your schedule and other bookings we may have. Our aim is to provide ample time for you and other suppliers to access the pole marquee for decorating, styling, or adding floral arrangements as desired.

It's crucial to check if your venue has any constraints. The sooner we are aware of these constraints, the smoother it becomes to collaborate with you and your venue. This early communication allows us to devise the best plan for setting up and taking down the pole marquees to fit with your requirements.

furniture and lighting.


Our collection features a range of wooden furniture that complements the light airy feel of the pole marquees beautifully. Our pine trestle tables are meticulously maintained, requiring minimal decoration for stunning place settings. We feel this gives you the flexibility to craft the desired ambiance for your dining experience inside the pole marquees.

Seating options include benches and folding wooden chairs, both made from solid wood and requiring no cover or sash unless you prefer to customise them yourselves. Benches comfortably seat eight people per table, while chairs accommodate six per table.



We have a standard lighting packages, which we will advise you on what is suitable for your chosen sized marquee. The packages comprises festoon lighting around the perimeter of the marquee and up-lighters at floor level, creating a lovely ambiance. The up-lighters can be customised to display different colours or sync with music beats, perfect for evening discos. For an enhanced night-time atmosphere, we offer the option of fairy lights in the canopy of the pole marquees, a popular choice among our clients. Additionally, we can install outdoor lighting upon request. We offer various setups, such as lighting at height, or for walkways. This is something we are happy to discuss and tailor lighting to suit your unique wedding or event.


Neither our furniture nor lighting is obligatory; you can choose to include them based on your preferences. However if you have a specific furniture style in mind, you're welcome to source it from another supplier. We also provide additional furnishings like dance floors, bars, and chill-out furniture, which you can explore further on our dedicated page.

outdoor festoon lighting edging long grass

Photographer: Max Cisotti Photography • Venue: Gaddesden Estate Weddings • Structure: The Earl Pole Marquee

If you are looking for something a bit different to a Marquee, why not take a look at our Yurts, these structures are also suitable for weddings and events of up to around 150 and offer a unique feel to your celebration. Or you may want to add a Stretch Tent as an outdoor canopy, just head over to our tent hire page see what else we can provide.

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