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Stretch Tent viewed through floral arch

Stretch tents.

Are you looking for a modern stylish alternative to a marquee?

Our Stretch Tents are fabulously versatile tents, perfect for summer events. They can be a more forgiving option on uneven ground, where other structures can't be pitched. Stretch Tents are also a great add on structure to large events for creating separate areas such as ceremony canopy, chill out area or bar.

We proudly serve the areas of Bedfordshire, Buckinghamshire, Cambridgeshire, Northamptonshire, Hertfordshire and surrounding locations.

What people say...

"We could not fault them, from start to finish they were amazing. So helpful and friendly".

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We have broken down the most important information for you on your outdoor event journey. We will tell you size options, what's included and how long a standard hire lasts. Finally we give an overview of furnishings that we can supply which can make the journey easier than sourcing from them other suppliers.

No more delays, let's dive in...

Stretch Tent Sizes.

Our Stretch Tents come in 10x10m or 10x8m and can be joined together to create larger spaces.

The Stretch Tents can of course be used as their individual sizes, or for example, we can join them to create 10x18m or 10x20m for larger covered spaces. It is important to remember that these are dimensions as a canopy. Stretch Tents do not have "sides" as such, but the stretchy canvas can be brought down to ground level creating a greater amount of shelter from the elements. When a Stretch Tent is set up with a "side down" this ultimately reduces internal space. This is not a big problem and they can still provide ample space for large celebrations, but it is always something to bear in mind.

As a totally open canopy the 10x20m Stretch Tent can seat up to 200 with space for a dance floor, but we think around 150 is best. This is a stunning option for a modern, stylish summer wedding or event.

10x18m Stretch Tent.

Pretty similar to the 10x20m but sometimes loosing a couple of meters can make all the difference when fitting into tight spaces. Seating around 120 is a good number for this size Stretch Tent.

10x10m Stretch Tent.

For this Stretch Tent we would recommend capacity is around 70 when all sides are up. Or it is a perfect option for a covered ceremony space. Outdoor weddings bring a certain amount of unpredictability and having an open canopy for guests to shelter from rain or sunshine is a wise option.

10x8m Stretch Tent.

This Stretch Tent is a great little party tent. If you are having a small gathering in your garden this is good for around 30-40 people when used as an open canopy. Again it is good as an extra space for larger parties, perhaps a chill out area or somewhere for children to play.

Ask us if you have a particular request regarding Stretch Tent size or configuration because as we have mentioned they are more flexible than other tents so if you have a tricky site it is alway worthwhile asking.


Unlike traditional marquees, stretch tents can be set up in various configurations, making them ideal for any outdoor venue. One of the key advantages is their ability to provide ample shade on sunny days, protecting your guests from the intense summer sun. Our Stretch Tents are also incredibly waterproof so you can be confident that your party can continue even if the British weather delivers some rain. Their stylish and contemporary appearance adds a touch of elegance to any event, making them perfect for creating a vibrant atmosphere for summer celebrations. The flexibility in size and shape allows for creative and unique setups, accommodating different party themes and layouts.  Overall, stretch tents offer a practical, weather-resistant, and aesthetically pleasing solution for hosting memorable summer parties, weddings or birthdays in the ever-changing British climate.

It is always a good idea to consider a Stretch Tent, even as an extra addition to one of our other structures such as our Yurts or Pole Marquees. If you are considering a range of options you can find all the regular marquee alternatives we provide on our Tent Hire page. You can also find our range of extras that we supply such as garden games, dance floor and bars on a dedicated page.

What is included in our Stretch Tent Hire?

Site visits - We are more than willing to conduct a site visit if necessary to evaluate the site's suitability and ideal positioning of a Stretch Tent for your event. However, if your chosen venue is one where we have a regular presence, this might not be essential. Nevertheless, we are open to arranging a face-to-face meeting at the venue to discuss various options in detail.

In addition to this we handle the complete setup, dismantling, and installation of any equipment rented from us, ensuring a hassle-free experience for you.

Our stretch tents come equipped with standard matting flooring. You always have the option to remove the matting should you so wish, potentially reducing costs. We recommend this only with good grass conditions, or if the occasion is less formal. Ultimately the final decision rests with you and your preferences.

How long is Stretch Tent hire?

Our standard rental duration typically spans 3-4 days, allowing ample time for setup, enjoyment of your event, and dismantling. While our general schedule involves setting up on Thursday and dismantling on Monday, the exact timing can vary based on our booking commitments. This flexibility is essential, as it ensures that you and your suppliers have the necessary access to the stretch tent for adding decorations, styling, or florals if required. For smaller functions this timescale may be shorter as the set up time will be decreased.

To help us make your experience seamless, it's crucial to let us know about any venue constraints. The earlier we gather this information, the smoother the coordination with your venue becomes. We can then effectively ensure the best possible arrangement for the setup and takedown of the stretch tent is tailored to your needs.

Photographer: Binky Nixon Photography • Venue: Home Farm, Beachampton • Structure: 10x20m Stretch Tent

Do you hire Furniture and Lighting?


We have a large quantity of wooden furniture that provides a stylish blank canvas for your wedding or party. We meticulously maintain our pine trestle tables so they require minimal embellishment for an elegant place setting. Whether you opt for tablecloths or not depends entirely on the desired look and atmosphere you wish to create for your dining experience within the stretch tents.

Seating options include sturdy benches and folding wooden chairs, both crafted from solid wood there is no need for an additional cover or sash, unless you prefer to customise them yourselves. The benches comfortably accommodate 8 people per table, while chairs are suitable for 6 per table.


For joined Stretch Tents we will always include a standard lighting package in a quotation, which is suitable to your chosen stretch tent size so it will be lit effectively at night. This package comprises festoon or fairy lighting draped around the perimeter, and floor level up-lighters, creating a delightful ambiance. The up-lighters can be adjusted to various colours or synchronised with music beats, adding a vibrant touch, especially during the later hours of the evening.

For smaller set-ups we will advise you on lighting options to suit your requirements and quote accordingly.

Additionally, we provide the choice of outdoor lighting as an extra feature. Feel free to inquire about our offerings; we have predefined setups, but we're always delighted to tailor our services to suit your unique wedding or event.

It's important to note that neither our furniture nor lighting is mandatory. If you don't require these services, you are not obligated to hire them. Alternatively, if you have a specific furniture style in mind, you are welcome to source it from another supplier, and we fully support that choice.

In addition to these options, we offer a wide array of additional furnishings and extras, including dance floors, bars, and chill-out furniture, all of which you can explore on our dedicated page.

Photographer: Binky Nixon Photography • Venue: Home Farm, Beachampton • Structure: 10x20m Stretch Tent

If Stretch Tents aren't quite what you are looking for but still want to have something that stands out from the norm, then why not consider one of our Yurts or Pole Marquees. All our structures have been chosen for their ascetic and practical features and stand as a fabulous alternative to Marquees and tents that have been used for many years.

10x20m Stretch Tent.

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