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Top ten Reasons to choose a marquee wedding

We look at the top tent reasons you should consider an outdoor Marquee Wedding over a traditional venue.

Photo: The Gribbons • Structure: The Grand Pavilion Yurt • Venue: Private garden

1- Customisation.

Marquees provide a blank canvas that allows you to customise every aspect of your wedding, from decor and layout to lighting and ambiance. Marquees are essentially empty spaces that you can transform to match your wedding vision. You have complete control over the decor, including the choice of colours, themes, and style. Whether you want an elegant, rustic, bohemian, or themed wedding hiring a marquee can be great for this. The options are literally endless.

Photo: Ania Ames Photography • Venue: Private Garden • Structure: The Duke Petal Pole Marquee

2- Outdoor Atmosphere.

Enjoy the beauty of the outdoors while still having shelter from the elements. Marquee weddings allow you to take full advantage of the natural beauty of the outdoors. High-quality marquees are designed to withstand various weather conditions, keeping everyone dry and comfortable. Embrace the outside space, playing garden games or gathering around fire bowls as the sun goes down, I mean, is there any better place to catch up with old friends?

Photo: Binky Nixon Photography • Venue: Home Farm Weddings • Structures: 10x20m Stretch Tent

3- Natural Lighting.

We cannot stress what a bonus this is in so many ways. Now before we get lynched by photographers across the land, we will add a caveat that not all tent structures are the same. But... if you are choosing a light canvas structure such as a Yurt, Pole Marquee or Sailcloth Tent, then essentially you are in a light box which can be great for photos of the day. Some Marquees have transparent sections, allowing natural light in, again not only beneficial to photos but also to the overall atmosphere.

Photo: Sam and Louise Photography • Venue: Private Garden • Structures: Podded Yurts - The Pavilion & The Grand Pavilion Yurt

4- Scenic Views.

Choose a picturesque location and take advantage of the natural scenery as your backdrop. Whether you choose to have your wedding in a garden, by the beach, in a vineyard, or in a scenic countryside location, you'll be surrounded natural beauty. The venue can be really personal to you and create a magical atmosphere of your wedding. If nature really floats your boat securing a venue with a cracking view will be something that you will never regret paying for.

Photo: Max Cisotti Photography • Venue: Gaddesden Estate Weddings • Structures: The Earl Pole Marquee

5- Privacy.

Enjoy a more intimate and private setting for your celebration compared to a traditional venue. Many are exclusive use so you won't share the space with other weddings that day or members of the public. You often have them for a few days too, so you might be able to make a weekend of it!

Photo: Binky Nixon Photography • Venue: Compton Verney • Structures: Podded Yurts - The Pavilion & The Grand Pavilion Yurt & 24ft Yurt

6- Personalisation.

Create a space that reflects your personalities and tells a story through decor, colours and details. Design your floor plan exactly as you want it, without the restrictions of fixed indoor spaces. The saying "your wedding, your way" comes in to it's own. If you find the vision hard, there are loads of great stylists out there who are experts at bringing all that together for you.

Photo: Ania Ames Photography • Venue: Private Garden • Structure: The Duke Petal Pole Marquee

7-Unique locations.

Marquee weddings can be set up virtually anywhere, from gardens and vineyards to beaches and private estates. This is an extension of your personalisation and you can choose a location that is special to you or reflects a part of who you both are. If you are lucky enough to have space at home, or a family member does - what could be better?! Some of our favourite celebrations have been from clients celebrating at home.

Photo: Binky Nixon Photography • Venue: Home Farm Weddings • Structure: 10x20m Stretch Tent

8- Cost effective.

Depending on location and size, marquee weddings can sometimes be more budget-friendly than traditional venues. For a more detailed look into the financials of planning a Marquee wedding, check out our blog post on "Are Marquee Weddings More Expensive"

Photo: Grace Elizabeth • Venue: Eggington House • Structures: Bell Tent Camping Village

9- Personalised catering.

The world is really your oyster with this. From food trucks to fine dining - work with your preferred caterer to create a custom menu that suits your taste and style.

Photo: AD Photography • Caterer: The Chefs Table • Venue: The Gardens at Polehanger • Structure: The Grand Pavilion Yurt

10- Memorable experiences.

Marquee weddings tend to be more memorable due to their unique and one-of-a-kind nature, leaving a lasting impression on guests. It will be those celebrations that people are talking about for years to come. Remember it's about who you celebrate with and doing what makes you happy.

Are you convinced?

We believe hiring a marquee for an outdoor wedding offers the best of not just both, but so many worlds! Over the years we have worked with lots of great suppliers who are experts in what they do. We don't take kickbacks, we only recommend on personal experience and if we are confident they will be good for your event.

If you like the sound of hiring a marquee for your wedding, check out what we have to offer and some of our friends featured in this article, who might be able to help bring it all together.

Photo: Client Photo • Venue: Private Garden • Structures: Podded Yurts - The Grand Pavilion Yurt & 24ft Yurt


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