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Planning a garden Wedding? Consider a Yurt.

Yurts aren't everybody's first thought for a Wedding or Party Structure, so we delve into why we believe they are so great and worth considering for your next celebration. With all of us looking to save on expenses, holding an event at home might be a great option for you.

Photo: Esme Robinson Photography • Structure: The Grand Pavilion Yurt • Venue: Private home, garden wedding

So What is a Yurt?

In historical terms a yurt is a traditional, portable, and circular-shaped dwelling that has been used for centuries by various nomadic cultures, primarily in Central Asia. It is also known as a ger in Mongolia and a gur in Turkic languages. Yurts are designed to be easily assembled and disassembled, making them well-suited for the nomadic lifestyle.

This portable nature makes them great for events and with a few minor design adjustments for the event market they are a wonderfully sturdy, beautiful structure which wow guests who enter them.

Our Pavilion Yurts have an extra height element to them which is specifically designed for the event market. You always want a wedding or a party to stand out from others and the structure you choose can be a great way to do this.

Some of the comments we have had over the years about our Pavilion Style Yurts:

"The structure was beautiful and really wowed our guests - they had never seen anything like it!" - Emily

"..the yurts are beautiful inside and out, all of our guests were blown away by them." - Kevin

"Their beautiful wood & canvas traditional structures always have the “wow” factor that make our events so memorable." - Jack

Photos: Esme Robinson Photography • Structure: The Grand Pavilion Yurt • Venue: Private home, garden wedding

Yurts for weddings and events.

Event yurts are designed with the considerations that come with large events and they may have additional features and amenities compared to traditional yurts. Traditional yurts used for living purposes are typically simpler in design and may lack some of the features required for hosting events. They are primarily designed for functional living, whereas event yurts are adapted for aesthetic and practical purposes. That said, you can get very decorative yurts used as homes.

Essentially event yurts are modified to meet the specific needs of gatherings, whereas traditional yurts are designed for nomadic living. For example yurts made for events can be much larger than those traditionally used as dwellings. Yurts come in a range of size and style so it important to decide what you want when choosing the right one for your event.

Our Pavilion Yurts have the extra dimension of added height and we have stuck to a fairly simple design of natural ash wood frame. This teamed with natural off-white canvas, we feel gives a beautiful stylish starting point for your wedding or party. When we purchased our first yurt we did a lot of research and looked at many makers and manufacturers. We settled on those of Henry and Mary at Yurt Maker, who create an incredibly high standard of craftsmanship. We worked with them on small aspects of design so that we had exactly what we wanted and what would work for us and our clients.


Here are some of the reasons we think Yurts stand out:

  • Unique and Memorable Setting: Yurts provide a distinctive and exotic atmosphere, making your wedding stand out from traditional venues. The circular shape and traditional design elements create a cozy and intimate ambiance. How many people do you know who used a yurt at their wedding?

  • No extra room needed for guy ropes: This is a huge advantage when fitting into tighter spaces. Most reasonable sized gardens can fit one of our Yurts.

  • Flexibility: Yurts come in various sizes, accommodating both small and large gatherings. They are highly adaptable and can be podded together in different configurations, allowing you to personalise the space according to your preferences and the number of guests.

  • Connection with Nature: Yurts set up in natural surroundings, allowing you to enjoy the beauty of outdoor locations. This connection with nature can enhance the overall wedding experience and provide stunning backdrops for photos.

  • Intimacy: The cozy atmosphere inside a yurt creates an intimate setting for your wedding ceremony and reception. The circular shape gives a sense of togetherness and allows for meaningful interactions and connections.

  • Sustainability: A big one for us. Our yurts are made with eco-friendly materials, from sustainable sources using traditional techniques making them a sustainable choice for environmentally conscious couples. Holding your wedding or event in a yurt can align with your values of environmental responsibility.

  • Location: Yurts can be set up in various locations, including private properties. As we've mentioned even our large yurts can fit in most reasonably sized gardens. This flexibility allows you hold your wedding or event at a location with personal significance and without the need of hiring a venue.


So we thought it was only fair to give you the limitations that come with s structure like this.

  • Size: For really large events you need to "pod" yurts together, some people don't like dividing up the event or guests. It is worth saying though that many see this as an advantage, having "zones" or "areas" to the event.

  • Pitching: They need to be pitched on relatively flat grass, but this goes for many event tents and structures so isn't exclusive to yurts.

  • Shape: Circles aren't the most efficient use of space and square or rectangular structures will fit more "stuff" in. However, as we said it does make for a wonderful internal feel to the event.

Real Wedding.

The photographs featured in this blog are from the wedding of Katie & Mark in their beautiful back garden. Sometimes the real meaning of a wedding can get lost in the detail, that is not a slur on anyone, it's just easy to get fixated on all the things we think are important.

Personally we think K&M got it just right, a beautiful level of detail with a wonderful intimate family feel. With the help of Suzanne and Helen from Above & Beyond Event Management the couple transformed their back garden into the wedding of their dreams.

Photos: Esme Robinson Photography • Structure: The Grand Pavilion Yurt • Venue: Private home, garden wedding

Great Right!?

We hope we have drawn your attention to Yurts and why you might consider using one for your next special celebration. If you're still not convinced though take a look at our other tents and structures which all have their own advantages for outdoor weddings and events. Whether you are more of a Pole Marquee or Stretch Tent person, we have what you need.


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