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What do we do if it Rains on our Wedding Day?

This is probably one of the most common questions we get asked. So we are going to give you some real life practical solutions to address your fears so that the forecast doesn't make a difference to your celebration. While we all hope for the perfect weather, the unpredictable nature of the British climate can throw a curveball into your wedding plans. According to the Met office Summer 2023 was 11% wetter than average for the UK, though not enough to trouble any seasonal records.

Rain on your wedding day? Don't fret! We've got you covered – literally!

rainy wedding, bride and groom with umbrellas

Photo: Howell Jones Photography • Structures: The Grand Pavilion Yurt & Stretch Tent• Venue: Hexton, Hertfordshire

Addressing Your Fears:

Fear 1: "What if it rains on my wedding day?"

Embrace the possibility! Include a weather contingency plan in your wedding preparations, this really is so important with every outdoor event. Plan, plan, plan and plan some more and if this fills you with dread enlist some help in the form of a wedding planner, they are worth their weight in gold. There are loads of great ones out there, but we work closely with White Button Weddings and Fields and Festoons within our area of Hertfordshire and Bedfordshire.

Showery day solutions: 

  • Supply a barrel of umbrellas.

  • Be practical with hair and makeup choices.

  • Consider additional shelter such as a Stretch Tent.

  • Embrace it wholeheartedly get the band/DJ playing some rainy themed classics.

Washout solution:

If you haven't already - consider our stunning Yurts or Pole Marquees, designed to withstand the whims of British weather. These structures not only provide shelter but are beautiful in their own right, making them perfect for an outdoor celebration.

Fear 2: "Will my guests be uncomfortable?"

The last thing anyone wants is to feel uncomfortable but there are some easy fixes to this rainy day worry.

Showery day solution: 

  • Tell your guests to come prepared - it's not your fault and they will appreciate having their raincoat and wellies with them should they need it.

  • Create cozy corners with blankets and utilise as many covered spaces as possible.

  • Footwear is especially important on wet ground, encourage guests to wear appropriate footwear like wellies, but it wouldn't hurt to have some spare.

Washout solution:

Our Yurts and Pole Marquees offer a dry and welcoming haven where your guests can enjoy the festivities without worrying about the weather, but consider a heater for the evening if the forecast is truly wet. Not only will it help keep things cosy but it will dry people and clothes much quicker than without.

wedding guests in wellie boots

Photo: Howell Jones Photography • Structures: The Grand Pavilion Yurt & Stretch Tent• Venue: Hexton, Hertfordshire

Fear 3: "We really wanted to make the most of the outside space and rain would ruin everything. What do we do?"

For things that are totally out of your control all you can do is have a backup. Don't let it get you down... I know that is easier said than done, but planning really does help in these situations. In the run up to the day, you will have a better idea of what the weather might do. It may not mean you have to sacrifice everything planned for outdoors.

Showery day solution: 

  • Apply some flexibility to the order of the day to move things around showers.

  • Welcome drinks on the lawn could become welcome drinks in the Yurt.

Washout solution:

If you have a large enough marquee or yurt there could be some things that can be done within the structure itself.

  • Move the ceremony/vows inside, a re-jig of furniture is all you need to move the main event under canvas*. Or Hold them under the canopy of a Stretch Tent.

  • Those views you chose at your perfect venue can be enjoyed from a Pole Marquee with a picture window.

  • Opt for easily transportable decorations that can transition seamlessly from an outdoor to indoor setting. This ensures that the ambiance remains enchanting, rain or shine.

*Our Yurts are absolutely perfect for this and your guests will be blow away by how beautiful a wet weather wedding can actually be. Imagine saying your vows under the beautiful craftsmanship of a yurt, raindrops gently tapping on the canvas – it's a memory you'll cherish forever.

wedding guests three legged race in wellies

Photo: Howell Jones Photography • Structures: The Grand Pavilion Yurt & Stretch Tent• Venue: Hexton, Hertfordshire

Fear 4: "What about the wedding photographs?"

Have faith in your suppliers, there aren't a lot of scenarios we haven't faced. Your photographer will be well equipped to deal with inclement weather.

Showery day solution:

  • Your photographer will take showers in their stride and guide you to the perfect "on the day" solution.

Washout Solution: 

  • Discuss your venue and setup arrangements with the your photographer prior to the big day - this will allow you both to have some ideas ready as a wet day contingency plan.

  • Embrace it and make the most of it, plan for stunning rain-kissed photographs.

  • Utilise the unique lighting and reflections that rain brings to capture unforgettable moments. Trust us, some of the most romantic photographs are taken in the rain!


With a little planning, your outdoor wedding can be a magical experience, rain or shine. With a thoughtful contingency and the right structures in place, you can turn the rain into a memorable part of your celebration. We have a whole array of tents, marquees, yurts and tepees perfect for outdoor weddings and events so take a look at our selection.

Photos: Howell Jones Photography • Structures: The Grand Pavilion Yurt & Stretch Tent• Venue: Hexton, Hertfordshire


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