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Where Can I Put a Marquee? A Guide for Marquee Hire

If you're planning an event and considering marquee hire, you might be wondering, "Where can I put a marquee?" Marquees are versatile and can be set up in various locations, adding a touch of elegance to any occasion.

Pole Marquee at The Lakeside at Wildberry Farm

Potential Venues.

Potential pitching locations come in many different forms and we think we might be able to open your eyes to a few that may not have initially crossed your mind. Try and think about what kind of feel you want to create on the day.

Is it a fun music festival vibe with lots of separate areas where you need more space?

Is it rolling formal gardens perfect for lots of photo opportunities?

Is it somewhere you and your guests can stay over and make a weekend of it?

Or is budget the driving factor and you just need to keep costs as low as possible?

We have another blog post which delves deeper into costs associated with marquee weddings and all the details which you might want to consider.

Private Gardens: It's amazing what you can transform a back garden into! Family homes and gardens can be perfect for hosting events. Surprisingly you often only need a reasonable sized garden to bring things to life. We have a handy blog on planning a garden wedding and why Yurts, unlike many other marquees, don't require extra space for guy ropes so can prove to be an excellent choice. Not only are homes personal, but they can be a cost effective option for many. To ensure you have enough space for the marquee and any additional facilities, just ask your supplier to perform a no obligation site visit to assess suitability and help answer any questions you might have. This is a service that we are happy to perform.

Specialist Outdoor Venues: You can find stunning outdoor venues all over the country and Bedfordshire is no different, many of these we work with. These types of venue are specifically setup to run outdoor events and often come with knowledgeable owners or managers who can assist you. They will outline everything which is included in the price and can often help guide you when looking for suppliers. A particular favourite of ours and very local to us is The Lakeside at Wildberry Farm, but we have added a little list at the bottom with more great options for you to check out.

Country Estates: The UK is known for its beautiful country estates and stately homes. These types of venue often have dedicated areas for marquee events, which can often work out cheaper than holding your event in the house itself but still with stunning photo opportunities.

Open Fields: If you're looking for a blank canvas to create a unique event space, consider renting an open field. Local farms may be willing to rent some land, just bear in mind that all other facilities will need to be brought in, including power and water. It's amazing what you can find through having a chat with people in the local pub! Talk to friends and neighbours, let them know you are on the look out for a field to rent as they might be able to find you somewhere right on your doorstep.

Hotel Grounds: Like Country Estates many hotels have sprawling grounds and gardens that can accommodate marquees for larger gatherings. Reach out to local hotels and inquire about their marquee hire options. If they don't already have a marquee in situ, they may allow rental of outdoor space for bringing in outside suppliers.

Sports Clubs: Not alway a first thought but sports clubs often allow marquee rentals for events like weddings and parties. These venues also often have ample parking and facilities, so it is worth checking with clubs in your area. Again these can be a more budget friendly option than Hotels or Estates but often have ample amenities so you can make some cost saving by having facilities already on site.

Campsites and Glamping Sites: Again, often overlooked, but for a unique outdoor experience, consider a campsite or 'glamping' site. These sites offer a rustic and adventurous backdrop for your event, perfect for nature lovers and guests can camp on site without the need for finding a hotel or getting a taxi home at the end of the night. Again lots of facilities are already in situ so can offer a budget friendly option

Community Halls: Similar to sports clubs community halls can sometimes allow combination use with marquees for events. This can be a middle ground between a blank canvas venue and create a versatile event space.

There are some really helpful resources out there to make all of this easier like Borrow My Garden or Directory sites like Unique Rebels Union.

When it comes to choosing an outdoor venue for marquee hire, the options are plentiful. From private gardens to majestic country estates and unique outdoor locations, there are a range of choices to suit all styles and budget. Whether you're planning a wedding, corporate event, or private party, we are extremely lucky that Bedfordshire provides a stunning backdrop for your marquee celebration. You are literally spoilt for choice!

Some amazing venues that we can personally recommend to check out:

The Dower House, Bedfordshire

Scald End Farm, Bedfordshire

Home Farm Weddings, Buckinghamshire

Brook Farm, Hertfordshire


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