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Tipi in campsite

Tipi Hire.

Do you want to add that magical touch to your outdoor wedding or event? Our traditional canvas tipi will transform your special day into an enchanting celebration. Our traditional tipis offer a perfect blend of elegance and rustic charm, creating a captivating atmosphere for your celebration that guests can't help but be drawn to.

What people say...

"The Tepee was Epic, a perfect chill-out area for our guests. We felt like we were at Glastonbury".

R&R - 2019

models at festival in tipi
Naked tipi apex with floral display
Tipi kids party with toadstools snug events
Tipi with rugs and cushions
Tipi at kids party
Wedding grazing set-up in Tipi
Tipi at night
model bride in naked tipi with lace top sheer skirt and floral bouquet


Our Traditional Tipi is a showstopper at any event, small or large. It can be used for adding space such as a chill-out area for guests at large weddings or makes a fabulous focal point at smaller more intimate parties. We don't supply large Event Tipis, but we do have gorgeous traditional canvas tipis. If you are looking for a larger option why not try our Yurts, Pole Marquees or Stretch Tents

Let's take a look at how it could work at your celebration...

Tipi Size.

Our Tipi is 18ft diametre or 5.5m 

This Tipi really is is a focal point for any event, the ultimate party tent. It draws your eye and your guests will be talking about it for years to come. If you are having a small gathering in your garden this is good for around 10-15 people when used as a relaxed mingling space. Again it is good as an extra space for larger parties, perhaps a chill out area or somewhere for children to play.


The Tipi is a beautiful tent which can work as an enclosed structure or can be opened up by rolling the canvas at the front giving a perfect flow for guests to walk in and out. 

Ask us if you have a particular request regarding Tipis because as we have love chatting through your ideas and if you have a tricky site and aren't sure what will work, it is alway worth asking.

It is always a good idea to consider a Tipi for your event, even as an addition to one of our other structures, such as our Yurts or Pole Marquees. If your large celebration needs a feature which will turn heads, our traditional Tipi will do just that. Our Tent Hire page is a great place to find all the large structures we can provide for the main event. You can also find our range of extras that we supply such as garden games, dance floor and bars on a dedicated page.

What is included in tipi Hire?

Site visit - We are more than willing to conduct a site visit if necessary but this isn't usually necessary with smaller structures like our Tipi. If you are holding your wedding or party at a venue where we have a regular presence, even better as we will be full aware of access and the site itself. Nevertheless, we are always happy to meet with you meeting or discuss in detail over the phone any thoughts or concerns you may have.

We have an experienced team and will handle all aspects of setup, dismantling, and installation of any of our equipment, making sure it is hassle-free for you.

Our Tipi comes equipped with flooring. It is often a good idea to add a selection of rugs to give the Tipi a comfortable relaxed feel.

How long is the Tipi hire?

Our standard rental duration typically spans 2 days, allowing ample time for setup, enjoyment of your event and dismantling. While our general schedule involves setting up the day before your event, the exact timing can vary based on our booking commitments and if you have constraints to work around yourselves. Flexibility is key, we strive to work with you to make the most of your hire time and get everything ready on schedule. 

If you require the Tipi for longer periods just get in touch, we are happy to be flexible. We have also worked with clients where long term hire has been required, do let us know if this is something you are interested in.

To help us make your experience seamless, it's crucial to let us know about access to the pitching site. Tipis have very long poles and therefore need straight pathways to the pitching site. The earlier we gather this information, the easier it will be to confirm your booking with us. 

Tipi DJ booth

Photographers: Left image: Binky Nixon Photography • Right image Jane Sayer Photography 

Do you hire Furnishings and Lighting?


We can furnish our Tipis for either chill out spaces with rugs, cushions and low chairs and tables or they can also be kitted out for sleepovers. If you have specific ideas of how you would like to use the Tipi just let us know and we can help advise you and discuss your options.


Fairy lighting works well in the Tipi, draped around the perimeter creating a magical feel. For smaller garden events we can advise you on lighting options to suit you best, as you may have bespoke requirements. Don't worry, that doesn't mean it's going to cost more, it just means that a "standard package" may not be suitable for you. Most of our standard packages are designed for large weddings and events which may not be appropriate for your needs.

Additionally, we can also supply outdoor lighting as an extra feature. This can really help bring a party to life in the evening, linking areas and lighting the way to for your guests.

With all our hire options furniture and lighting are not mandatory, if you have specific ideas or have another supplier you would like to use, feel free. What is important to us is that you create the event you want. 


Tipis can be used in a number of exciting ways from themed whiskey bars, to DJ booths, to tattoo parlours...

If you were looking for larger structures and our Tipis aren't what you were looking why not take a look at our Yurts or Pole Marquees. All of our structures have been chosen for their ascetic, practical and sustainable features which all offer a fabulous alternative to Marquees and tents that have been used for many years.


Do you love Tipis as much as we do? Well it was a Tipi that started our journey to where we are today. We could talk about tipis/teepees all day, so if you want to find out about their history and delve into some interesting facts we can satisfy your needs below, just click to read even more. We understand you haven't got the time for that and won't be offended if you don't stick around to find out.

Unveiling the Mystique of Tipis: A Journey Through Time Step into the enchanting world of tipis, a living testament to the rich history and enduring legacy of indigenous cultures. For centuries, these majestic conical structures have symbolized unity, tradition, and the nomadic spirit of those who roamed the vast landscapes of North America. A Peek into the Past: Tipis Through the Ages Imagine the great plains adorned with rows of tipis, their smoke spiraling towards the sky. These portable homes were not just shelters; they were a way of life. Crafted from durable materials like buffalo hides and wooden poles, tipis provided comfort and versatility for the native peoples of the Plains. Fascinating Tipi Facts: Did You Know? Circular Wisdom: The circular shape of tipis was not just a design choice; it represented the cyclical nature of life and the interconnectedness of all things. Versatile Housing: Tipis were ingeniously designed to withstand the challenges of the environment. Their conical shape allowed them to efficiently shed wind, rain, and even snow! Symbolic Doorway: The entrance of a tipi, often facing east, held spiritual significance. It symbolized a connection to the rising sun and the promise of a new day. Tipis Today: Modern Elegance in Every Stitch Fast forward to the present, where the timeless allure of tipis has found a new stage – your special celebrations. Picture a rustic yet refined tipi set against the backdrop of your dream wedding, an intimate corporate event, or the pulsating energy of a music festival. Celebrate Love Under the Canopy: Tipis for Weddings Tipis have become a common feature of today's wedding day and it's not surprising. They are open, and provide a statement structure for your event. Corporate Events Beyond Boardrooms: Tipis for Business Our Tipis have been used for many corporate events and team building. Spiritual spaces that breath creativity. Offering a unique atmosphere that sparks innovation and collaboration. Festivals: Tipis for Music and More Would it even be a festival without a Tipi dominating the skyline? Our tipis add a touch of bohemian chic to any festival scene. Why Choose Our Tipis? Quality Craftsmanship: Our tipis are crafted with precision and care, blending traditional authenticity with modern durability. Using natural fabrics and materials they stay true to the historic roots. Versatility: From weddings to corporate events and festivals, our tipis adapt to your vision, creating a unique and memorable experience. Join us on a journey that seamlessly blends tradition with modern celebration. Explore the possibilities of tipis – where every event becomes an unforgettable experience, echoing the timeless spirit of the nomadic tradition.

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